Escapade in Copenhagen

12 July 2019 sobapirojki9371

Escapade in Copenhagen

12 July 2019 TFHtravels

To me, May rhymes with birthday, so what could be better than a trip back in Copenhagen with my sister to celebrate?

The memories of our first stay in Copenhagen on our way back from Sweden were vague… It was time to sail back to this beautiful harbour city, capital of Denmark.

A remarkable architecture, a young and dynamic population, bikes as far as the eye can see… In short, Copenhagen is a nice discovery (or rediscovery) for those looking for a nice urban and cultural escapade in Europe.

But beware: the costs of living, especially food and entertainment, are quite high. If you want to visit the city for a few days, I recommend the Copenhagen Card, available in several places (including the airport) and on the internet.

We chose the 48 hours pass (80€ each). It includes unlimited transportation, free entry to pretty much every touristic sites in the city and its surroundings, as well as discounts.

If museums and castles are not your thing and you’d rather be wandering in the city, the Copenhagen Card might not be suited for you. You can compare the costs with the official website’s calculator.

If I have to pick a place in all of Copenhagen, I would probably choose the Botanical Garden and its Palm House. Located in the city centre, it houses hundreds of plants as well as the Butterfly House.

Several rooms compose the main house, according to the plants’ climate. Did you know that that there is a plant which, when it blooms, smells like rotten carrion? Mmmm…

In the main room, a wright iron staircase will lead you to the top of the palm house. It is hot and humid, so be careful, the stairs can be slippery!

Of course, castles are also part of Copenhagen. The Rosenborg Castle and its gardens welcome thousands of visitors each year. It is not unusual to wait a long time to visit the inside of the castle. Note that the Crown Jewels are displayed in the basement!

For those who would rather be entertained, Tivoli Gardens is the place to be. The amusement park is a must-seen! At nighttime, the rides are closed to make room for concerts and games. A really good surprise to me, even though I am not a big fan of amusement park.

Of course, some of you will say: “And what about the Little Mermaid?”. If you have some time and patience, it is obviously one to the most frequented site in the city. The bronze statue is about 20 minutes walk from Nyhavn

By the way, one of the most beautiful place to photograph is probably this one. Nyhavn, which means “new port” in Danish, is well known for its colored houses and its old boats. It is the perfect place to enjoy an ice-cream or have a drink on the harbourside.

A guide to visit Copenhagen in 3 days

Note: we arrived in the late afternoon of Day 1 and departed in the early evening on Day 3.



arrival at the airport and acquisition of the Copenhagen Card

eat a (vegan) ice-cream in Torvehallerne, the covered market

walk along Peblinge Sø, the Student Lake

cross Ørstedsparken to reach Nørreport station

take some time to photograph Nyhavn at sunset

[if you have some time left, why not take a walk to Amaliehaven?]



visit the Botanical Garden and its Palm House

visit the Geological Garden

visit Rosenborg Castle

visit the Rundetårn, the round tower, built in the 17th century (panorama)

walk around the city centre (lunchtime)

visit the National Museum of Denmark (2 to 3 hours)

[in the evening] visit Tivoli Gardens and enjoy!



have a nice brunch in the city centre

visit the Danish War Museum (optional)

visit Christiansborg (ruins, panoramic tower, stables)

take a boat tour with Canal Tours Copenhagen (included in the Copenhagen Card)

enjoy an ice-cream in Nyhavn before heading back to the airport


[if you have the time and motivation, why not take some photographs of the Little Mermaid?]

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