Who am I?

I’m a 25 yo French woman with two main passions: food and travels.


Why did I choose the name The Fiery Heart?

When I was younger, I really liked Richelle Mead’s book series called Bloodlines (which is a spin-off of Vampire Academy). One of the books was entitled The Fiery Heart and the words just kind of connected with me. I began to use it as a pseudonym and got used to it. I also like the meaning of the words, which makes me remember to enjoy life and keep on pursuing my passions.

Also, I recently searched on the Internet about the words “fiery heart” and found a song by Alice Phoebe Lou called Fiery Heart, Fiery Mind which you can listen to on YouTube! There is the spirit of freedom.


What are my favorite countries?

SCOTLAND!! You will heard about Scotland on my blog (sorry, not sorry). Also, Sweden and Canada. Basically I like the Nordic countries best. But I did enjoy Italy and of course, Germany and Austria have a special place in my heart (childhood memories).


What languages do I speak?

French is my mother tongue. I learned both English and German at age 11 but I am only fluent in English. I spent some time studying in the UK and in Canada so I did practice more. I can still hold a conversation in German and understand quite a lot. I started Russian in high school and studied it until the end of my Bachelor’s degree. I will eventually get back to it when I will have more free time. Now, I learn Japanese, which is my new challenge! I’ll explain more about it in the “Languages” section of my blog (still to be written, sorry).

I might still make mistakes in written English (which I hope you will forgive) so please don’t hesitate to notify me!


How do I take my pictures?

I am not a big fan of taking pictures. I usually take a few if I see something interesting or if I want to remember the moment later on. I do post quite often on Instagram because it is easy and I can do it from my phone (lazy me!).

My recent pictures are taken with my Huawei smartphone and I’m quite satisfied with the quality. I like to stay realist and offer “raw” pictures, which means I usually modify the light, contrast and other small details and that’s it!

Anyway, the best visual you can have is by being there. No pictures will match what you see in real life. So go out, your eyes are the best camera!

[Shout-out to Pixabay and its contributors, some of the illustrations are definitely not mine!]