What to do in Dordogne: the Black Périgord

7 October 2019 sobapirojki9371

What to do in Dordogne: the Black Périgord

7 October 2019 TFHtravels

Located in Dordogne, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the Black Périgord is one of my favourite regions in France. I love the incredible heritage that just brings life to everything I see, the gastronomic specialities, the landscapes, and all the outdoors activities!

Whether you wish to visit the region for a few days or a couple of weeks, it is hard to be bored during the sunny days! As for me, I particularly enjoy cultural trips, which is why the (re)discovery of historical sites are always my top priorities. First stop on our way: Sarlat-la-Canéda.

Recognised “Town of Art and History”, the city reveals a beautiful religious heritage. Its architecture is also appreciated by cineasts: you can find a list of films that were shot in the city here. By the way, Sarlat celebrates the Film Festival every year in November.

The city is a must-seen in the region and obviously, always crowded during summer. If you have agoraphobia, that might not be a good destination… 

The city is indeed beautiful, but looks a bit like a shop windows for tourists. You won’t find a lot in the city centre besides shops and restaurants. I recommend staying half-a-day to wander in the streets and have a nice lunch/dinner (but arrive early as you might not find a place!). Don’t skip food during your trip, the Black Périgord has so much to offer in terms of specialities! And as I like to remember people, food is one of the best ways to discover a region or a country 😉

There are a lot of beautiful villages near Sarlat and the Dordogne river: why not rent a canoe and admire them from a new perspective! After a first night in my converted car, here we are, ready to paddle!

Foggy morning in the car…

Most of the renting places offers options from 2 hours to several days. The staff brings the group and the canoes upstream, according to the time chosen. At least, no need to turn around, it is always straight on!

To rent a canoe during summer, better be a morning person! It is best to arrive before 10am or you risk having to deal with a blazing sun and hordes of tourists who will have the same idea. I think the place we were started around 9am. Obviously, we missed it and waited for the next departure at 11am, having the privilege to paddle in the middle of dozens of other canoes. Hopefully, the river is wide!

Hard to find a picture without other canoes… But this is not so bad!

The Black Périgord, it is also the castles and prehistoric sites! The castles of Castelnaud, Beynac and Fénélon, Lascaux II or the Grand Roc Caves, the Thot Prehistoric Centre, the Roque Saint-Christophe, and so many others… 

A friend of mine recommended the Chateau de Commarque, and I must say I was not disappointed! A guide transported us through the different eras of the site, from prehistory to the renovation in the 90s.

In the end, no matter the kind of trip you prefer, the Black Périgord will satisfy everyone. Families, friends, or even solo travelers will be conquered by the soul of this beautiful region!

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