Erasmus is not a year in a life, but a life in a year.


Having spent a year and a half studying abroad for two university exchanges, here are my experiences and tips about going to a foreign university.

In a year, I experienced so many things. I had to find an accommodation on my own, make new friends, study in a language I was not fluent in. I travelled, ate (and drank) a lot, smiled, laughed, cried, been sick, made mistakes, but most importantly, I grew up faster than ever. 

Chinese Portrait
Way of life

If I were… a season?

I would be winter! Snow, jumper, tea and fluffy socks… All the good things to warm up your heart and soul.

If I were… a noise?

I would be the crackling snow beneath the feet.

If I were… a hot drink?

Tea, with all its flavours and sents.