The man who wrote that word upon the wall disappeared from the midst of the generations of man many centuries ago; the word, in its turn, has been effaced from the wall of the church; the church will, perhaps, itself soon disappear from the face of earth. It is upon this word that this book is founded.

Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

There is so much to say about what is culture and what it brings to the word, to the community, to ourselves. Or should I say cultures in plural. Diverse, complex, the expression of an identity, of traditions and values. Cultures that divide us, but bring us together nonetheless.

Chinese Portrait

If I were… An artistic movement?

The impressionism, because each point is worked with patience and brought together into a harmonious whole.

If I were… A painting?

Wanderer above a Sea of Fog, to contemplate the moutains for eternity.

If I were… A sculpture?

An Inu sculpture of a bear. A simple and refined aesthetic but fill with ancestral traditions.

If I were… A colour?

White. White as snow. As clouds. As the blank page or the snow-covered mountains.